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Day 1

Introduction: Vision of possibilities through the TM programme

60 mins

Preparatory : Mechanics and Origin of the TM technique.

45 mins

Day 2

Personal Instruction: Learning the TM technique

2 hrs per batch

Day 3

Verification & Validation of experience:Intellectual understanding of correct practice.

1.5 hrs

Day 4

Verification & Validation of experience: Mechanics of Release of Stress.

1.5 hrs

Day 5

Verification & Validation of experience: Development of higher states of consciousness.

1.5 hrs

The course consists of sittings of two hours each on five consecutive days ,after which the student meditates for 20 minutes daily morning and evening on his own. It is practiced ,while sitting comfortably with eyes closed . No specific cramped posture is required.

    Who can learn transcendental meditation?

  • Transcendental meditation can be learnt by anyone regardless of age or level of education.
  • The Transcendental Meditation technique requires no change in belief, food habit or lifestyle.
  • Transcendental Meditation is not a religion. It's a technique. Millions of people of all religions, practice Transcendental Meditation. It supports all religions because it releases stress and purifies the mind, body, and emotions of the person who practices it.

   How is transcendental meditation different from other forms of meditation ?

  • It is a simple ,effortless, natural, mechanical technique where by the mind arrives at the source of thought.
  • It involves no concentration, contemplation, suggestion or dodging away from thoughts.
  • It is not time consuming & the results are almost immediate.
  • It is the most scientifically validated technique.

To learn TM please contact:
Anand Ayyangar
Transcendental Meditation Instructor


e-mail: ayyangar.anand@gmail.com

 Transcendental Meditation in Mumbai

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